Libra Scorpio Cusp Personality Traits

The Libra/Scorpio cusp persona (October 19-26) is an adventurous soul that is drawn towards the mysteries. The potent combination of Scorpio’s passion and Libra intellectuality creates an explosive personality that is determined and unstoppable.

Libra Scorpio Cusp Dates and Meaning

The term “cusp” originates of”cuspa” in Latin “cuspa,” meaning the place where two things come together.

The Libra Scorpio cusp in the zodiac is usually around the 19th of October and will end around the 25th of October. People born close to the final day of Libra or at the beginning of Scorpio typically don’t see them in horoscope readings that are typical. They are instead characterized by characteristics that are common to the Libra as well as Scorpio sun signs.

A Libra Scorpio cusp person is an amazing mix of giving and taking as well as hurting and loving. It is a Libra Scorpio cusp person is always moving with her great appearance day-to-day. She is a natural leader, able to transform any situation at work into a win-win situation for herself and the team.

A Libra/Scorpio Cusp is an adventurous soul who has a magnetic attraction toward the mysterious. The strong combination of Scorpio passion and Libra intellectuality creates an unstoppable personality, one that is captivating and determined.

It is believed that the Libra Scorpio cusp is extremely sensitive, and they will utilize this to gain areas of power. They are adept in discerning people’s intentions and are aware of the psychology behind manipulating. Libra Scorpio Libra Scorpio are verbally skilled and are creative communication experts.

It is believed that the Libra/Scorpio Cusp is a special combination of the water that run through Scorpio as well as the air which is a part of the lungs of Libra. They are enthralled at the beauty of the natural world, and are particularly interested in the more mysterious aspects of it.

Libra is a symbol of duality. The zodiac sign of Libra is also represented by the scale . It is a symbol of fairness, equality peace, justice, and fairness. People born under sign of Libra are enthralled by art, beauty, and luxury. They invest their money in an attractive home. When they are in love, they value the beauty of their surroundings more than anything other things. True Libras don’t wish to be bound to anything or anyone.

Scorpio people have a remarkable manner of speaking. They have a magnetic personality and unbeatable communication abilities, which is an element of execution and magic.

They are able to make use of their body language, voice and emotional expression to motivate, inspire and influence other people. It is the Libra/Scorpio Cusp is most adept in this. They are naturally motivators. Their ability to utilize the spoken word frequently leads to speech-craft careers or leadership positions.

This Libra Scorpio cusp can be described as determined, ambitious and driven. They like to see things come to life. These Libra Scorpio Cusp are often the ones who initiate initiatives within organizations and are regarded as team builders.

It is believed that the Libra Scorpio cusp can be quite attractive. They are a sexy, regal look of style and confidence that can make them be noticed in a room. Their style is distinctive because it is usually subtle instead of over-the-top.

They enjoy their look Don’t get obsessed with the latest fashion trends pick their clothes and accessories that will make them feel at ease.

A mysterious and romantic love The Libra Scorpio who was born at this point is blessed with remarkable communication abilities – both verbal and written.

A Libra of the Scorpio cusp enjoys adventure and is a skilled communicator and negotiation, helping maintain calm in stressful situations.

The real tale about the Cusp is one of balance. Strong decisions are based on an underlying moral sense. In their quest for harmony, they’re capable of inspiring others and act as an effective negotiator. However when they lose their balance , they are prone to get critical of their fellows’ behavior and intentions and can result in an end to relationships. The Scorpio/Libra cusp person who is the greatest of both worlds that is the emotional, intense and investigative character of Scorpio and the diplomatic and elegance of Libra.

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Libra Scorpio Cusp Compatibility

A Libra Scorpio Cusp is a personality that is born between October 19 between October 19 and Oct 25. As the Cusp zodiac sign, Libra Scorpio people are extremely sensitive and may easily be injured by criticism or negative feedback. Yet, Libra Scorpio also has an ability to heal other people.

The person who is not a fan of the spotlight and doesn’t like the pressure of competition. Libra and Scorpio individuals are emotionally linked to other people.

They care about others and have caring, compassionate partners. Libra/Scorpios are compatible with Taurus/Virgos, Capricorns/Geminis or Aquarius/Pisces personalities in relationships.

People who are Libra-Scorpio Cusp are usually called “fast and fast and” and are among the most violently sexually attractive people you’ll ever encounter.

It is believed that the Libra/Scorpio cusp persona is caring person, with a diplomatic mind that is a thinker before he acts. A great listener, this personality is able to be a good listener and not let you down and provide guidance when you need it.

Libra Scorpio Cusp in a Relationship

It is said that the Libra Scorpio Cusp persona an individual who has characteristics of both Libra and Scorpio Zodiac sign. When it comes to love, these individuals possess strong, but cautious emotions towards relationships that don’t occur easily.

In the realm of the subject of love Libra Scorpio signs make the most natural love-birds. They are a great pairing in friendship and will form strong bonds when it comes to romantic relationships too.

They have a great sense of balance and an eye for beauty . They are looking for those things on their quest in pursuit of the true love of their lives.

They’ve developed their social skills and are able to get their objectives accomplished efficiently. They are fair and patient and, if they don’t fight the love affair, it may last for a long time.

Men and women who are Libra/Scorpio cusps are intense, passionate romantic, sensual, dramatic, and daring.

Venus the ruler of Libra and Mars who is which is ruler over Scorpio Are two saturnine planets which complement one another. They can aid you in forming a an intimate and genuine love bond between you and someone who is part of your cusp according to the astrology.

A Libra Scorpio cusp personality is an explosive source of passion. However, they are described as the toughest of zodiac signs to “into sleep.”

Libra Scorpio is a sexually intense and sensual character. They are present and take pleasure in delight as well as the whole spectrum of life experiences. They can be extremely flirtatious.

Libra — Scorpio Cusp individuals are awestruck by the creative process. They are imaginative, with a gentle touch and an experimental curiosity. They consider sex the perfect way to express their affection and love.

Libra Scorpio Cusp cannot resist being enticed by their charisma and sexual attraction. Scorpio is charming and seductive Always keeping their companion at the edge of their seats.

Libra Scorpio Cusp Woman

A Libra Scorpio Cusp women are extremely sensitive and in tune. They also possess incredible emotional power and sensitivity as well as an ability of reading situations, people as well as their partner’s minds. They can emotionally connect with all the world that surrounds them.

A Libra Scorpio Cusp lady is someone who is creative and has her own thoughts. She might appear to be a woman with a refined exterior but she has a strong and uncompromising character for anyone who tries to push her.

She might have a powerful personality that is very opinionated, and she frequently is able to get the world her own way. It is difficult for her to accept other than her own, and she could be seen as rebellious but she is genuinely charming.

Scorpio Cusp women are at the forefront of what is most interesting to them at any given time. They are not interested in the spotlight or fame, yet they often find themselves in high-powered positions.

The profession best suited to their needs is law enforcement or private investigation. They are fantastic detectives in making. They don’t require a lot of investigative work to obtain what they want.

It is said that the Libra Cusp lady is a bit mysterious. She has the appearance and look of the typical Libra however in regards to her personal feelings and deep desires, she may be more of an Scorpio.

She is attracted by Leo as well as Aries males who tend to be impulsive and friendly. Libra Scorpio cusp women often reside in their own universe , and at times they have difficulty making easy decisions. Situations with money aren’t usually an issue for them since they are able to manage their finances effectively.

Libra/Scorpio women are compassionate and supportive. They are patient and understanding. The deep emotions are hidden under the surface. People with this type of personality have deep affection for each other.

The most desirable traits are being trustworthy and reliable and a good listener who is who is willing to provide solid advice when required; you possess courage compassion, empathy and a profound affection for your family and friends.

Libra Scorpio Cusp Man

Libra Scorpio Cusp Man has a keen sense of imagination and communication. They are drawn to exploration experiences, learn, and research things beyond what normal Libras.

Libra Scorpio cusp man is also one of the most unique people in Astrology. This person has the character of a gentleman, and isn’t one to keep any grudges against his foes.

He doesn’t reveal his feelings or emotions to anyone. He is kind, generous heartfelt, gifted and has the ability to communicate effectively.

A Libra Scorpio Cusp man is committed, strong willed and kind, with an innovative and sharp mind. He is an incredibly imaginative and constantly looking for new adventures and opportunities. Libra Scorpio Libra Scorpio has an edgy sense of humor but can also be sensitive.

Libra or Scorpio is very committed to his work, and is a magnet for people with such an intense personal passion that you appear to possess a captivating attraction. You’re also highly aggressive and competitive, yet the sharp edge of your intelligent capabilities allows you to excel in nearly every area of work.