Is Kundli Matching Important for a Love Marriage

In Hinduism, there is a tradition of Kundli Match Making of boy and girl, especially before marriage. Since marriage is considered to be a relationship of birth after birth, people want to find someone as a life partner who is full of all qualities and whose thoughts and qualities are similar to yours to a large extent. Marriage is considered a sacred bond of seven births, so people must take some precautions before marriage. Although nowadays the Kundli of those who have a love marriage is rarely matched, even today in arranged marriages, especially the family members do match the Kundli of the girl. Kundli matching must be done to make married life happy. This also gives you an idea of how you will be in harmony with your life partner. Realizing this need, AstroSage has come up with Kundli Matching Calculator for you, with the help of which you can do Kundli matching for free by filling in all the relevant details of yourself and your future life partner in the form given below.

Importance of Kundli matching in love marriage

Kundli Match Making is considered important in love marriage. Through Kundli, information about the quality, faults, conflicts, and future of two individuals can be obtained. Negative yogas, doshas, and favorable yogas are examined in the Kundli from an astrological point of view. With this, conflicts between the two persons getting married can be detected and they can be informed about the possible obstacles. This enables them to find solutions to problems and gives them the ability to face problems. Vmatching is considered very important in Hinduism, as it helps both individuals to get more information about their marriage before marriage.

What is Kundli matching?

In ancient times, famous sages, using their foresight, had made some special rules for the benefit of society, due to which the life of the people was easily spent. According to those rules, there was also a rule of Kundli matching, which is considered mandatory to be followed before marriage. Marriage is considered an important sacrament in our Hindu religion. Kundli matching has been considered the foundation of a happy married life according to the ancient religion. The Kundli matching process is a way to find out the compatibility between a prospective life partner and a happy and prosperous married life. It is an important pre-wedding ritual in Hinduism that is performed by all the family members of the bride and groom. It is believed that without Kundli matching one cannot find a perfect life partner.

Why Kundli matching is done before getting married?

Kundli matching before marriage is an age-old tradition that has been going on in Indian culture for a long time. The main reason for matching Kundli is that it can reveal conflicts or defects in the lives of both the people getting married, which can be removed by some measures.

According to marriage predictions, marriage is a decision, which is very important in a person’s life and it has a great impact on his future. By matching Kundli, the qualities of the people getting married and doshas can be detected based on their Rashi, Nakshatra, and planetary positions. If there is any defect in the Kundli, remedies can be taken to remove it and it can help to solve these problems before marriage.

This is the reason why Kundli matching is a very important step before marriage, which can help to overcome problems that may arise after marriage. The main reason for matching Kundli before marriage is to find out the quality of both individuals.

Kundli also shows whether there is Mangal Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, Gana Dosha, Yoni Dosha, etc. in the Kundli of both people, because these doshas can create problems in married life after marriage. So it is very important to know this so that they do not face problems after marriage.

What are the things to be considered during horoscope matching?

Horoscope matching before marriage is considered very important in astrology because through this a person gets to know about his upcoming married life. Let us know what are the things that are taken into account during horoscope matching:

Gun Matching

In horoscope matching, the matching of qualities is of utmost importance. In this, eight qualities are matched significantly. Kundli matching is an important part of Guna Milan’s marriage. During Guna Milan, the qualities available in the birth charts of both individuals are combined. These qualities include Varna, married life, financial status, children, health, Mangal Dosh, etc. On the basis of these qualities, information about the marital relationship of both persons is known.

Auspicious time

Auspicious times are selected for marriages, housewarming, naming, upanayana, and other religious and social events so that the native does not face any kind of obstacle in his life to come. Along with this, an auspicious time for the marriage of the native is also determined by matching the horoscope. These Muhurtas indicate those special times when the planetary positions are auspicious and no negative energy is generated. So if you are looking for an auspicious time for any of your special events, then you should choose it according to astrology.

Fault finding

During horoscope matching, it is known whether there is any defect in the horoscope of the native or not. This does not cause any problems in relations after marriage. While matching horoscopes, defects are detected through Nakshatra, Guna, Dosha, Yoga, Dasha, etc. Horoscope matching has some inauspicious defects like Mangal Dosha, Nadi Dosha, Bhakoot Dosha, Gana Dosha, etc., which can ruin the married life of the native. That’s why all these defects are detected before the marriage of the native.

Mangal dosha

Mangal Dosh is an inauspicious yoga, which affects when the planet Mars is in malefic positions in the horoscope. The basic results of Mangal Dosh are a disturbance in married life, quarrels, estrangement between the couple, no children, domestic quarrels, etc. If a person marries without a horoscope matching, then he or his partner will not be able to know about Mangal Dosh. If either the boy or the girl is Manglik, then their love marriage can be filled with troubles.


Kundli matching is considered an important step in marriage. According to astrology, the qualities, defects, and planetary positions of two persons are studied through Kundli matching, and information is obtained about the possibilities of their married life. Through the Kundli, a solution can be found to the possible problems regarding the marriage. To keep married life happy, you can also take Online Astrology Consultations, they will also advise you about the measures.