The Ultimate Guide to Using Tibetan Singing Bowls to Energize Your Crystals

Are you seeking a new way to energize your crystals and enhance their healing properties? Look no further than Tibetan singing bowls! These ancient instruments have been used for centuries for meditation, relaxation, and spiritual growth. In this ultimate guide, we’ll dive into the world of Tibetan singing bowls and explore how they can help you take your crystal practice to the next level. Get ready to discover powerful techniques that will unleash the full potential of your crystals!

What is a Tibetan Singing Bowl?

A Tibetan Singing Bowl is a bowl used for sound healing. The bowl is made of metal and has a smooth, rounded interior. The bowl is struck with a mallet to produce a deep, resonant tone. The sound produced by the bowl can promote relaxation, stress relief, and meditation.

The bowls are said to originate from Tibet, and they have been used in Buddhist meditation practices for centuries. The bowls are believed to create a state of mindfulness and help practitioners to focus on the present moment. The bowls are also thought to promote healing by balancing the chakras and promoting energy flow throughout the body.

Tibetan Singing can be purchased online or at some health stores. They vary in size, price, and quality. Choosing a bowl that resonates with you and feels good when played is essential.

Benefits of Using a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Tibetan singing bowls are a potent tool for crystal healing. There are so many benefits of tibetan singing bowls. When you strike or rub the bowl, it produces a vibration that can be felt throughout the body. This vibration helps to break up blockages and allows the energy of the crystals to flow more freely.

The bowls can also be used to cleanse and charge crystals. Place your crystals in the bowl and allow the vibrations to wash over them. This will help to remove any negative energy they may have absorbed and leave them feeling refreshed and recharged.

Tibetan singing are also said to promote relaxation, peace, and well-being. The bowl’s soothing sound can help calm the mind and ease stress and anxiety. Using a Tibetan singing bowl is an excellent option for relaxing and rejuvenating.

How to Use a Tibetan Singing Bowl for Crystals

If you want to add a little extra boost to your crystals, using a Tibetan singing bowl can be a great way to do it. Here’s how:

1. Start by cleansing your crystals. This will help them to be more receptive to the energy of the singing bowl.

2. Place your crystals around the outside of the bowl.

3. Gently strike the side of the bowl with the included striker or mallet. Listen to the sound produced and draw yourself into its calming vibration.

4. As you strike the bowl, focus on infusing your crystals with energy from the sound waves. Visualize them absorbing this energy and becoming brighter and more vibrant.

5. When you’re finished, thank the singing bowl for its assistance and store your crystals safely until you’re ready to use them again.

Different Techniques for Energizing Crystals with a Tibetan Singing Bowl

Many techniques can be used to energize crystals with a Tibetan singing bowl. Here are some of the most popular methods:

1. Placing the crystal in the bowl: This is the most common method and is also the easiest to do. Place your crystal in the bowl and allow it to absorb the vibrations of the bowl.

2. Floating the crystal in the bowl: Floating the crystal in the bowl is another popular method. This can be done by placing the crystal on a piece of paper or cloth and then floating it on top of the water in the bowl.

3. Suspending the crystal above the bowl: This method involves suspending the crystal above the bowl so that it is not touching any part of it. You can do this by tying a string around the crystal and then suspending it from a ceiling hook or door knob.

4. Holding the crystal in your hand: Another option is to hold the crystal while you strike or rub the outside of the bowl with your other hand. The vibrations will travel through your body and into the crystal, charging it with energy.

Examples of How to Energize Specific Types of Crystals

There are many ways to energize crystals. Here are some examples of how to energize specific types of crystals:

– Place your crystals in a sunny spot. The sun’s energy will recharge them.

– Lay your crystals on a piece of selenite or amethyst. These stones have high vibrational energies that will transfer to your crystals and charge them up. You can also charge crystals during eclipse.

– Take your crystals outside and hold them while you meditate or do yoga. The peace and tranquility of these activities will infuse your crystals with positive energy.

– Fill a bowl with water and add a few drops of essential oil. Place your crystals in the bowl and let them soak up the vibrations of the oil.

Tips for Getting the Most out of Your Tibetan Singing Bowl and Crystal Combination

If you want to get the most out of your Tibetan singing bowl and crystal combination, you can do a few things to ensure success. First, cleaning your crystals before using them with your bowl is essential. This will help to remove any negative energy they may have picked up and allow them to work more effectively.

Next, hold your bowl in your hands or place it on a firm surface so it doesn’t wobble. Once you’ve done this, start by rubbing the bowl’s rim with the provided mallet in a clockwise direction. After about 30 seconds, you should hear a humming sound from the bowl.

As you rub the bowl, move it closer to your crystals. You should start to feel a tingling sensation as the energy from the bowl starts to interact with the crystals. Once you’ve reached this point, stop rubbing the bowl and let it sit for a minute or two so the energy can continue to build.

After this time has passed, you can begin using your crystal comb on your head or body. Start at your head’s crown and move down toward your feet sweepingly. As you do this, visualize the energy from the bowl entering your body and filling you with light and love.


Tibetan singing bowls are an excellent way to energize and activate the healing power of crystals. There is great flexibility in how you use them, allowing you to create a unique experience every time. Whether for personal or professional use, this ancient practice can bring profound relaxation, clarity, and peace as it resonates through your body and spirit. We hope this guide has given you the knowledge to confidently begin your journey into using Tibetan singing bowls for crystal healing.