Web Hosting Vs VPS Hosting – Top Key Difference

Before you start building your website or blog, you must know all about web hosting.  So we’ll cover the basics of web hosting, what kind of web hosting services, and web hosting vs VPS (virtual private server) hosting. So, let’s get started.

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Most of the beginners don’t know the best way to host a website. We will also cover some web hosting features in this post. This will help you gain a basic knowledge of web hosting vs VPS hosting. This cheapest and best try this out this vps server hosting to get the most service.

Web Hosting vs VPS Hosting in Brief

Every website needs a web hosting to get the website live on the internet. Web hosting can either be shared hosting, VPS hosting or dedicated server and others. If you choose the right plan, then you can easily host your website.

VPS hosting is similar to dedicated hosting plans where the resources of a single server provided to several clients using virtualization techniques.

VPS is cheaper than a dedicated server and more expensive than shared web hosting. VPS hosting offers many resources to handle large traffic spikes.

However, the other web hosting types will give your site lots of room to grow, and provide better performance. Reliable hosting makes for a secure and faster site that’s always accessible. Choose a web host that offers an affordable and scalable hosting plan.

DomainRacer is one of the cheapest web hosting providers in the world today. They offer great hosting features at the most reasonable cost.

Web Hosting vs VPS Hosting: Resource Allocation

Everyone needs reliable resources to host the website successfully. Your resource limits are based on your web hosting type and hosting plan. In India there are various types of cheapest options available such as managed web hosting

With a shared web hosting plan, you share resources with the other sites on your server so that you get limited resources, limited storage space and bandwidth. 

Shared hosting is best only for those who want to host blogs, individual or small business websites. DomainRacer is one the web host offers shared hosting with the cheapest price $0.99/month.

Below is a table, we summarized the resources allocation of each web hosting type.

VPS hosting plan gives the resources that shared hosting cannot offer. So, you can install much software and also you can edit any file on the server.

Many advantages of VPS hosting, you get dedicated resources at a cheaper rate and enough storage space and bandwidth to handle heavy traffic. However, you won’t have to worry as much about storage space and performance.

If you really want the best VPS hosting plan with the cheapest rate, then check DomianRacer’s web hosting plans. Their cheapest VPS hosting plan starts just at $8.22/month.

What to Look for In a Web Hosting Plan

Let’s look at some of the significant parameters that you need to consider while choosing a particular web hosting type:

Understand your website needs

The first step is to figure out what your online project will need and then find out what kind of features your web hosting provider offers.

Things how much storage and bandwidth are available and other hosting features. If you want to host a business website, you will need a host who will offer unlimited resources.

DomainRacer web host offers all essential hosting features that include free SSL, free site backup, website builder, website migration and many more.

Select Right hosting types. 

There are different types of web hosting services. Therefore, you need to decide the appropriate hosting type for your website. Whether shared hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated hosting, look at the hosting features and price of all.

The shared hosting is the cheapest hosting available where one server may run many websites. If you want to host your website or blog, shared hosting is the best place.

DomainRacer offers different web hosting services at the cheapest rate: Shared hosting, VPS hosting, and Reseller Hosting. So once check their web hosting plan.


When visitors stuck more than two seconds for the website means they are not back to you. The survey found that 80% of online shoppers can’t return to the website, while they are using website performance issues. 

VPS hosting offers additional computing resources and preparing power, which will help the speed of most websites and, in this manner, make customers bound to change over.

In the event that your site is relatively small, a shared hosting plan will probably do completely fine. In the event that your site is bigger or is dependent on for business and income development, however, you’ll most likely notice the difference.

A few VPS surveys emphasize performance and reliability when contrasting DomainRacer and our competitors.


If you are comparing Shared Hosting and VPS hosting for security braces, then shared hosting more risk for security. shared hosting clients are normally the most un-experienced with web hosting precautionary measures, implying that server weaknesses could be brought about by your hosting neighbors.

Sites that manage a ton of client information or payment info data may profit by picking VPS hosting. This alternative offers robust security includes that are generally overseen via prepared experts, so you have less to stress over with regards to making sure about sensitive data.

If you want a camera and other monitor devices for your security, then you can select a VPS hosting environment. So you can choose the best hosting provider for your requirements basis.


For the most part, hopes to pay more for VPS hosting than for shared hosting. Simply sharing the expense of shared hosting is part of the many clients of the shared server. In the India finding a low cost WordPress hosting, it can take little bit difficult but this content help you right one. VPS hosting gives more assets and will in general be more solid, so it frequently costs more.


There are many types of web hosting service and different prices with different benefits. Before you pick a web hosting plan for your website or blog, consider what kind of features you’re website most need.

VPS hosting is more secure and less limited than shared hosting. Moreover, you’ll also get root access over the VPS server environment, which means you will get dedicated resources.

DomainRacer offers affordable and reliable web hosting services with more resources, so once visit their official website.

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