Why You Should Hire Tolix Furniture for Your Next Event

Tolix Chair’s history

What is the concept behind creating Tolix Chairs? You can prevent these from rusting by using molten zinc and dipping these inside it. This idea was given by Xavier Pauchard (a French man) in 1937 and since then making of Tolix Chairs started. Galvanization is the name of this process. Then in the mid-century, the bistro and French café started using Tolix Chairs when these were produced on a large scale. You can use these outdoors as well as indoors and these will give a good appearance there. For draining out water from these, there are holes in these.  

What is the reason behind the popularity of these chairs?

If you want to give your space a feel of French industry then it will be good to use these chairs. You can use these as furniture for events or for home purposes as these Tolix chairs have gained so much popularity. There is a lot of versatility in the furniture of Tolix style. We can use it in different kinds of events as it is available in different materials like metal as well as wood. You can use these chairs in year’s any season and can also transport them with great ease and without any problem because these are stackable. These are weatherproof as well as stylish.

Identify the space before hiring the furniture

You need to check if as per the requirement of the event, the necessary space is available at the venue chosen by you. It is important that enough room is there for placing the furniture. Provide enough room to the guests so that they can move freely here and there inside the venue and so don’t place so many tables and chairs in the venue. Have some additional space so that if some more guests come then you can arrange bar stools and sofas for them. 

Hiring Bistro Bar Stools of Tolix Style

These stools can be 76 cm in height when kept in standing position and are available in various colors like copper, black and grey. You can hire all these bistro bar stools of tolix style. Whenever you host events that are casual and trendy and you make the use of bars and poseur tables then you can arrange seats for these by using bistro bar stools. If you are interested in hiring these stools at a reasonable price then it will be good for you to hire these from Party furniture hire London. Suppose you want to hire these for 1 to 7 days, then you need to pay just 11.50 pounds for very good bar stools of tolix style. 

Hiring Tolix Tables made of wood on a special occasion

You can hire tables of tolix style that are present in three types in stock. Bistro tables and poseur tables are included in it. The bistro bar stools of tolix style that are available in grey color can have a perfect match with wooden topped poseur tables of tolix style available in grey color. For impressing guests, you can get the furniture of modern style that is made by combining metal and wood. With a width of 150 cm and height of 106 cm, the double poseur tables can also be used. These basically need an access of double doors and have a frame of steel with a coating of powder and are of a very good quality. In the event settings of different types, you can hire bistro tables. With the chairs of tolix style, these tables are ideal and are 75 cm in height.

Hiring furniture for event from Party furniture hire London

The Party furniture hire London can provide furniture in London. It has its depots in London. They are ready to help customers in all ways and so they have made the process of hiring furniture very easy. They provide complete transparency and so they have displayed online, all the prices of hiring the furniture. Just go to Google, access their website and get the quotation instantly. Their contact number is also available on their website and if you need any help then you can contact their sales team without any hesitation. They are so friendly that you will feel good after communicating with them.

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