The Top 5 Yoga Training Courses You Can Choose

An art of connecting body, mind, and soul together as one and washing away stress is yoga. Most importantly, it is the best remedy for anxiety, depression, and body recoveries. Opt for a Yoga training lifestyle to shape your daily life and future into something authentic and balanced. 

A large number of institutes provide yoga training courses for students who wish to be yoga instructors. However, these top 5 yoga teacher training courses institutes researched, tested by experts to make your experience a remarkable one are: 

Best overall: Yoga Works

Yoga Works provide different methods for integrating the benefits of Yoga asanas in modern ways. Age does not matter, young or old; everyone stands to gain. The yoga training helps to make yoga accessible with or without yoga mats. 

Yoga works provide different yoga training programs by analyzing your needs and shaping your teacher training module accordingly. In other words, the training is, to help the students understand the body mechanisms and flow of energy through the body. 

Benefits of Yoga Works

  • They improve your focus on different techniques of breathing, philosophy, and meditation. 
  • Online classes, live streaming of yoga sessions are also in motion for a better connection. Further for the registered students, in the COVID epidemic, every possible guidance is also available. 
  • They have 200-hour basic yoga training and 300 hours, advanced course for 200-hour course students. 
  • Introduction to advanced asanas and another hand on adjustments. 
  • Along with the knowledge for restorative yoga and yoga for a chronic illness, yoga training makes you efficient. 

Centers: 55 + studios all over the USA and many more from India to Santa Monica. 

The yoga tree is a new branch of Yoga Works. 

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Best for Beginners: Embrace Yoga DC

If you want to be an inspiring yoga teacher, choose a course that will enhance your skills. Subsequently, to embrace your inner yoga training, join courses with Embrace Yoga DC, and contribute to your community. 

200-hour course – They provide a 200-hour yoga training course to make you eligible to be a yoga teacher by providing basic skills and techniques. 

300-hour course – This is a specified program to assist 200 hour registered teachers to enhance their methods and shaping practices.Also for the 300 hour course, a 2-year timeline schedule is set. 

Benefits of Embrace Yoga DC

  • You will gain advanced techniques and yoga training language to provide further guidance to your students when certified. 
  • Knowledge to instruct your classes on the basis of your vision and along with the tact to observe the energy. 
  • It also teaches you an environment creation method where everyone feels welcome, safe, relaxed, and supported. 
  • Help you identify your teaching style and further enhance it for your scheduled yoga training skills. 
  • Setting up classes for beginners benefiting them and tailoring for pregnant ladies too. 

Centers: The main center for embrace is DC but is also nationally spread, with many studios all over the country. 

Best for Vinyasa: Vinyasa Yoga School

Vinyasa is a style of yoga, combining different asanas with using breath patterns. As a result, Vinyasa is also known as “flow” yoga. This is a style where the transition from one posture to another is on the breath flow. 

Sitting in the heart of the world’s yoga capital, The holy city of Rishikesh, The Vinyasa Yoga School has provided many excellent yoga training instructors to the world. The institute had guided teachers towards making yoga a way of life. 

Benefits of The Vinyasa Yoga School

  • Timeline of 30 days, the full immersion in the yoga world, will give you the insight of a calm life ahead of yours. 
  • The courses scheduled will benefit you in every aspect of yoga teaching. Further creating a strong career ahead. 
  • Teaching fundamental concepts of yoga, with add ons like Sanskrit mantras, meditation techniques, therapies, shatkarmas, pranayama, etc. 
  • Teaches you to analyze the injury assessment and management to cure them from occurring all together. 

Centers: Main and only center is in Rishikesh, and all courses are set up on center-based only. 

Best for Hatha Yoga: Oil Yoga 

Hatha means any type of yoga teaching asanas, postures, and breathing techniques. Further, Hatha yoga moves at a slow pace of breathing scale, whereas Vinyasa yoga requires a faster pace of breathing. 

With Yoga Alliance USA CERTIFIED, yoga training works on a basic 200-hour course and 300 hour/500 hour teachers training course. 

Benefits of training at Oil Yoga

  • Along with the basic concepts and aspects of yoga training, add ons, Yin Yoga and Thai yoga massage lessons are course parts. 
  • Weekly based plans will help to improve asanas values, knowledge of correct posture, and style suitable to each person. 
  • The concept of teaching and creating self modules is inspiring. Also the students get more refined in setting up a style preferable for themselves. 
  • It gives you a proper technique and knowledge to avoid injuries. Further strengthening your body alignment according to your needs at the moment. 

Centers: Ubud – Bali | Paris – France | Goa – India

Best for Ashtanga Yoga: One Breath of Yoga

One breath of yoga is a retreat center in the Mayan Jungle of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. In addition to this, they practice on the Ashtoanga Vinyasa System and ways to reconnect withs  nature with natural plant therapies. The yoga training program is best on every aspect of yoga and benefits to seek. 

Benefits of training at One Breath of Yoga

  • Working practices with experienced shamans and plant teachers to enhance and develop knowledge. 
  • They include shamanic rituals and ceremony trends in the courses to give you a glimpse of other practices too. 
  • The teacher training program is the combination of Ashtanga yoga and plant medicine to render services further in the community. 
  • They have an on-site sweat lodge, free to use by the participants, traditionally known as Temazcal. 
  • Yoga Retreat Center combines your experience with all day to day amenities, traditional knowledge and motivation to set your own identity. 

 Centers: Mayan Jungle of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. 


Yoga was a part, is a part, and will be a part of the world. Generations and Age were never factored in the yoga lifestyle. In short, it brings together everyone as a teacher or student. Yoga training courses give hope to those who want to make changes in themselves and then others.  

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