Don’t Apply Buccal Fat Removal Until You See This

The face is the thing that everyone wants to make attractive. If you look at the trend, all the modern models are having a gorgeous attractive face cut. When you are looking at them and doing the praising, have you ever asked what is the reason behind that attractive look?

Yes, you do. The hairstyle, the skin color, the face structure, and the eyes are the things that make you flattered. But there is one more thing included. That’s their buccal cavity. In most cases, we ignore it because it looks natural. But the reality is, it has been made in a way to look natural.

Everyone has a buccal cavity but it contains fat. When the amount of fat gets increased due to the wrong diet and no exercise, it makes our face dull. The round, baby-like face won’t be attractive to anyone. There are many ways to reduce buccal fat. However, the fastest way is the Buccal Fat Removal Process/ Surgery.

The thing is, there are so many confusions around this Buccal Fat Removal Surgery. Here in this article, we are going to disclose all the myths and will clear their confusion. Let’s start from the basics.

Will Buccal Fat Removal Process Make Me Look Older?

What we have encountered, this question is being asked the most when it comes to Buccal Fat Removal Process. We are not blaming you. The confusion is general because we often see old men and women have no fat in that cavity. Does it make them look older?

No! Not at all. Then what’s the answer?

To know the answer, you need to know the logic first. As we grow older, our muscles start getting weak. The same thing happens with the face muscles. Collagen fibers are the elements that our face muscles tightly at a young age.

After the age of 35, or due to having the wrong diet, these collagen fibers start getting weak. Eventually, the face muscles get weakened too. The capacity of storing fat also weakened. Thus even doing a small exercise can burn the fat out and form cavity clear.

Other than this, while growing older, the amount of oxygen intake gets increased too. Oxygen highly affects aging problems and forms wrinkles.

But in the case of buccal fat removal surgery, the excessive fat will be cut out to make the facial angle and face structure prominent. It won’t affect the collagen and won’t increase oxygen intake either. So, you won’t get aged or look like an old person if you apply for this surgery.

Can I Reduce My Aging Problem with Buccal Fat Removal Process?

In the previous section, we have seen the reasons behind getting aging problems. But do you know aging problems can be solved with the Buccal Fat Removal Process? Yes, that’s true.

There’s a surgery called a facelift. This facelift surgery can be done along with the buccal fat removal process. This process helps to tighten the facial muscles which are being loosened due to low collagen formation. Eventually, the wrinkles get reduced too.

Doing these two processes at the same time can be costly, however, there are no side effects. You can remove your buccal fat as well as make your cheek slim to provide a good face shape. However, to make the surgery successful, you need to find a surgeon who is a master at doing these.

Can I Have a V Shape Face Cut with The Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

V shape face cuts are the most attractive face shape ever. Most of the actors and actresses are having this cut which helps them to get quick success. Our motive is not to promote any face shape individually, we are presenting the truth of the world to you. Do you want to have a V shape face cut?

Then Buccal Fat Removal Process can help you for sure. For this, you need to talk frankly with your surgeon. Because your plastic surgeon needs to take images of your face, have to do the measurements and some tests on you.

The Buccal Fat Removal process includes modifying the jawline too. So, you can ask your surgeon to make the mid-face wider, remove buccal fat and make the chin part thinner. It will get your job done.

What are The Situations When You Can’t Get a Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

It is a vital point to consider. Because getting a buccal fat removal surgery is not so easy. You need to go through so many tests. Let’s know about them one by one.

  • If you drink alcohol, do smoking, and do any kind of drug consumption, it can be a bad thing. Due to these actions, the blood gets carbonated. You’ll be provided a certain period to recover yourself if you have done these before.
  • Next thing is, having a narrow face shape is a big no to this surgery. The problem with the narrow faces is, they are already lacking the required fat layers. Doing surgery in this situation can cause sunken cheek problems.
  • If your age is more than 35, I’ll recommend you to avoid buccal fat removal surgery. After this age, the face muscles get loosened. It will take so long to recover from the surgery. You may also face Jawlock problems.
  • Another important thing to consider is the Parry Romberg Syndrome. This disease is very dangerous. It causes the shrinking of one side of the face after a certain age. It happens due to problems in buccal fat pads. If you remove those, it will affect you more.
  • Apart from these, you’ll also be through some tests like blood tests, sugar tests, and blood pressure checks. These are greatly connected to the recovery rate. So, you need to discuss all of these with your surgeon before going for the operation.

Don’t forget to have a thorough check-up before the surgery. It is better for your future.

What Are The Precautions to Be Taken After The Buccal Fat Removal Surgery?

Most of the patients do the mistake of ignoring the precautions after the surgery. It is the time when your face cut needs to be healed. You know that the face muscles are very soft and sensitive. A wrong move can catch infections and allergies. Those can be fatal in the future.

Let’s know what are those precautions to be maintained at topmost concern.

  • Don’t eat anything hard or foods that cause too much chewing. The stitches at the cuts will get disturbed. Unnecessary movements can increase open the wound. Thus it can catch harmful bacteria.
  • Eat liquid foods or soft foods. You need to continue this for quite some weeks. You also need to do mouth wash with prescribed medicine. It will destroy the bacteria present near the wounds. Focus on having a good diet chart full of vitamins and proteins. These enhance the healing power.
  • Lastly, in case you are having chest pain, headache, blood pressure up up-down breathing problems, you need to contact your doctor immediately. Quit smoking and any kind of addictive nature for at least 5 months.

These are the basic precautions you need to maintain. The face especially the buccal fat region has very sensitive muscles. Don’t do anything wrong with these to avoid shrinking problems.

Is Surgery The Only Way to Remove Buccal Fat?

No. Surgery is not the only option. Let’s understand the basic science behind it. There are only two possibilities of having fat at that place. One is genetic, your family is having that. You can’t do anything about it. Secondly, you are far from doing exercises and maintaining an unhealthy diet for quite some months.

Buccal Fat removal operation is not a big deal however when you have the option to do the things by yourself, why ignore the fact? Eat healthily and do face exercises. Burn the excess fat naturally. Not only it will give you a good result but you’ll also be free from any kind of danger (side effects).

In case, you are seeking fast results, then you don’t have any other options. Go for the buccal fat removal process. But make sure, you are choosing the right surgeon and you are satisfying all the Conditions to have surgery. Getting a slim cheek with a perfect jawline can be achieved in both ways.

Final Words

The Buccal Fat Removal process or the surgery needs patience and skill. As it is an art on the face, most of the patients worry about it. They think too much which gives birth to unnecessary myths. Some of the common myths have been discussed here with the solutions.

If you have a good surgeon on your contact list, we’ll recommend you to go with him or her. However, only and only if you are in hurry. Otherwise, try with the common fat burning method which is being discussed too.

We expect, this article will help you to clear all your wrong thoughts regarding Buccal Fat Removal.

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