Tata Cliq Online Shopping is Better, Here’s Why?

Today you can buy anything available under the sky from the web. There are thousands, if not millions of platforms that bring authenticity, innovation, and all sorts of products to the users. In this, another great and authentic website, Tata Cliq, is also progressing ahead to ensure a safer and secure shopping experience for its customers. 

Online shopping brings convenience and accessibility; there is no doubt here. But it also exposes the people to online frauds and scams, which can be dreading for the user. That is why, as important as it is for the website to ensure customer safety, it is also important for you as a customer to surf the web with full awareness and vigilance. 

To get a better and more personalized shopping experience,here are some great tips and strategies provided by Tata Cliq. You will find that Tata Cliq offers a unique shopping experience to the customers while ensuring that you enjoy the whole exercise. 

So, here’s how Tata Cliq makes the user experience better and more efficient. 

The Phygital Shopping Experience

Tata Cliq introduced the phygital marketing experience in India. To be precise, Phygital is an omnichannel shopping experience that connects the offline and online worlds. This helps create more real and lifelike customer experiences. 

The phygital concepts take the best of both worlds and merge them together to create a more satisfying experience. Most of the times, when we shop online, there is always a sense of uncertainty about the product. 

After we have paid for the product, there is a feeling which forces us to think, “what if the product is not right? Will I be able to return it?”

This uncertainty makes the users buy stuff from brick and mortar stores. Because there, they will end up buying what they see, feel, and even try. For instance, you cannot be sure that the new pair of jeans that you have just received will fit. 

But, getting the same from a physical store will be easier because you can try it before buying it. The phygital technology aims to address this inability to get a store shopping experience. This technology creates customer interactions on the web and nurtures better relationships. 

Low Prices are not Critical to Success

We have seen Amazon and Flipkart onboard an unlimited number of sellers to create a market that runs with the competition. Sellers will compete with each other for sales, and in that, they will offer the lowest possible price. In the end, it is the customer who will get the benefit. 

With Tata Cliq, customer experience is essential, but they also assure the authenticity and originality of the product. Subsequently, you can get the benefit of buying from brand-authorized sellers available here. But this does not mean that they do not provide discounts. 

This online store works with an integrated discounting system across its online and offline stores. What they cannot provide in terms of price, Tata Cliq compensates that by offering value added services. For instance, they provide free installation or extended warranty, etc. 

Select Sellers Ensuring Originality

Because Tata Cliq has only handpicked brands, the customers shopping from here cannot complain about the product quality. Compared to other similar marketplaces, there are a plethora of sellers from almost every corner, but they are not authenticated by anyone, let alone the provider. 

Tatacliq believes that in any world, quality beats quantity. So, their focus is onboarding authentic sellers that can handle their eCommerce merchandising. The brands they choose are selected after thorough research and analysis. 

Plus, the products and brands listed are native to the mall-goers, and that is why Tata Cliq aims to create that real life-like experience for them.

No Private Labels

Private labels are not something that the Tata online store is planning to do today and in the near future. Where Amazon and Flipkart have initiated their private labels, Tata Cliq does not want to create confusion among the customers. 

Plus, some of the brands that are present on the Tata Cliq website are already running private labels exclusively for the online store. Other platforms might see private labels as a way to increase profits, but not Tata Cliq. They see it as a reason for diverting the focus of interest. 

Show what the customers want to see and can buy

Tata Cliq is progressing slowly and showing a limited number of products because they do not want the customers to get confused. Unlike other stores that can show around thousands of products in one category, Tata Cliq only shows a few hundred products. But these are the ones that are sorted and selected with what the customers want. 

The key is to create personalizations by following what the customers are looking for and what they might want to buy. 

Better Supply Chain

With Amazon, some products are delivered within 24 hours, while some might take a week or even more to reach the customer’s address. Tata Cliq is doing something different here too. 

They have asked their sellers to upload the products available at all the stores. This creates a hassle-free channel for the delivery because the products will reach the customer from the store directly. 

Apart from ensuring timely delivery, it also reduces the cost of delivery. Such a model of delivery also creates the possibility to provide 2-3 hours, which will be disruptive and a welcome move in the online shopping industry. 

It can ease the delivery with robots and even spruce up the deliveries from the stores. Thus, creating a wholesome omnichannel shopping experience. 


It is evident that Tata Cliq is creating a unique and customer-friendly shopping experience for everyone. There are several things that they are doing differently, like providing access to selected products, ensuring omnichannel shopping experience, and intra-city store delivery. 

By not going after profitability and money, Tata Cliq further cements its position as a true customer-oriented shopping platform.

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